List All Fonts

List All Fonts feature provides you with a comprehensive inventory of all fonts used on any website. Not only does it identify the fonts, but it also lists their sizes, and weights. Additionally, you can see which HTML tags the fonts are applied to and even get a visual demo of how these fonts look on-site.

The feature also allows for one-click font search on Google by clicking on the font name. Furthermore, you can choose to either copy all this data to your clipboard or export it for future reference.

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Use Cases

  • Font Auditing: Perform a quick audit of all fonts used on a website, helpful for developers and designers alike.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understand the font strategy of competitors to make informed design decisions.
  • Documentation: Document the fonts used in your or a client's project for future reference or for sharing with team members.
  • Education: A valuable tool for those learning web design, to understand the role and variety of fonts in web design.